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Used Box Truck For Sale

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Advance Truck Capital is selling over 50 of our used box trucks that have been repossessed or are off-lease. These boxtrucks are selling fast and with our special financing most customers are approved. All box trucks are put thru an exhaustive inspection process, cleaned and detailed before they leave the inventory lot. View our 150 Point Inspection Form. Our Box Trucks are used and sold as is but warranties are available.

We are offering our most generous financing program ever on inventory thru August, 2008. Now is the time to get that used box trucks! Complete a short One-Page Credit Application and get approved in as little as 30 minutes.
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Why Finance At Advance Truck Capital?

  • 0% due before funding and payments as low as 2% of the amount financed!
  • One page application required for approvals up to $250,000.
  • Apply by phone,fax, or online.
  • Start-up businesses and challenged credit may also be approved for our other financing programs
What Do We Finance?
We finance any kind of box truck, whether you're buying from a private party, dealer, or from our own inventory. Simply find the box truck you want and we'll finance it for you. If you need help finding a box truck, check out our Preferred Dealer Inventory.
Repo Listings

The listing you will find here are very recent repossessions and off-lease Box Trucks. These are box rucks that our network of large national banks has held the paper on until very recently. Essentially these box trucks have been pre-approved for financing with Advance Truck Capital. Register Today and get instant access to this month's REPO and off Box Truck lease listings.
Pre-Approved Financing

Submit Your Application Today. Let Us Help You Get Approved
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